Planning for Your Body’s Final Resting Place

We know this is not exciting stuff. In fact, it can be quite morbid to think your death and what happens next. Yet, it is one of the more important and potentially expensive decisions that need to be made at the end of your life. Why not make your plans in advance, to ensure you […]

Funeral Planning: Plan ahead for your grand finale!

We know this is not the most upbeat content to be reading, especially post COVID-19 where we know funerals had to take a drastically different approach than before. However, the key issue we want to highlight within this section is around the importance of planning ahead for your funeral (or a loved ones). We know […]

Legacy Planning: Live Today Like You’re Dying!

What is Legacy Planning? Many people think of legacy planning as a financial strategy that prepares people to pass on their assets to a loved one or next of kin after death. But this is an incomplete view on the matter. Legacy can encompass ‘anything’ that is passed down from one generation to another. It […]