Must-know Statistics about ICU Care

Patient in ICU care

What is ICU Care? When patients need intensive care for serious illness or organ failure, they may be cared for in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Patients may be in the ICU because of:  severe infection or bleeding breathing problems a bad accident major surgery Along with strong medicines, there are several machines used in […]

How can women receive more equitable care? #BreakTheBias

Dr. Heyland stands for women in healthcare. #BreakTheBias

March 8th is International Women’s Day. The theme for this day is to #breakthebias. “Imagine a gender equal world.A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination.A world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.A world where difference is valued and celebrated.Together we can forge women’s equality.Collectively we can all #BreakTheBias.” ~ Inequitable Healthcare  There is […]

Dying at Home

The tag line for the Plan Well website is ‘to live well and to die well, you need to plan well’. My mother-in-law provided me with a first-hand experience with the need to plan for final death preparations, particularly if you want to stay in your own home. She generally enjoyed a high quality of […]

How do you know if your loved one is receiving the best medical care?

Many years ago, my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer by a local urologist in the small town he lives in. He was referred to a urologist in the larger center for consultation regarding surgery to remove the cancer. Working in medicine and having access to his staging reports, I suggested that radiation treatment or […]

COVID & Caregivers – Learn more about how NOW is the time for strong caregiver rights!

long term care home residency

The pandemic has caused a great deal of distress and suffering, globally. One of the reasons behind this is due to how vulnerable populations, such as older persons living in institutional settings were treated like prisoners and isolated to their rooms and ‘visitors’ were restricted access. As a result, many died alone, many suffered illness alone and many suffered medical errors because there was no […]

How can we get lawyers to change the way they do incapacitation planning?

Frequently, I have a conversation with someone about the importance of advance medical care planning and the person responds back to me, “Oh, I’ve done that. I’ve been to my lawyer and filled out ‘those forms’ in their office.” Somehow, people feel like doing medical planning with a lawyer is an appropriate thing to do! […]

The aftermath that follows death: A tale of two persons

My friend’s dad recently passed away. Despite his sudden passing in a distant city, my friend and his brother had both been named ‘executors’ on the will. My friend had to travel to a distant city to begin the process of taking care of his dad’s ‘affairs.’  I’d like to quote him directly as he […]

Are You Prepared for Serious Illness?

A Perspective from a Critical Care Doctor COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we, as a human race, live and interact with each other as a society. The rate of people who have been infected continues to rise on a daily basis, by the thousands. Currently, over 15,000 people have died with countless more people […]

Preparing for Future Periods of Incapacitation

At times like this, aren’t you glad that we’ve learned from past viral pandemics and we have a Federal Government and Public Health Agency that are prepared to deal with the current crisis? Preparation, communication and coordination are the keys to navigating through these difficult times. The same applies to difficult times we might face […]

Do you know what your treatment preferences would be if you get seriously ill?

Woman receiving comfort care

The whole goal behind Plan Well Guide is to help people clarify their values, provide information about the differences between ICU care, Medical care and Comfort care, and transparently connect one’s values to medical treatment options when they are seriously ill. When I think back to how the first 1,000 users had gone through the […]