CBC, Alberta at Noon

Dr. Daren Heyland recently spoke with Judy Aldous, host of CBC’s radio program, Alberta at Noon about the ongoing issues caregivers are facing, especially in long-term care during the pandemic. Dr. Heyland reinforced the concerns around the current lack of caregivers rights and how caregivers need to be more involved especially when it comes to decision making. Dr. Heyland highlighted the important work being driven by Caregivers4Change and how family caregivers are #NotJustVisitors. There needs to be an increase in advocacy as it relates to caregivers and people can help support this by visiting Caregivers4Change and signing the Declaration, here.

To learn more about what Dr. Heyland discussed with Judy Aldous, you can listen to the full interview, here: https://bit.ly/34RjWOm

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