The Essential Guide to the ICU

As a medical researcher specializing in communication and decision making in the ICU, Plan Well Guide founder Dr. Daren Heyland’s research uncovered that only 1 in 3 ICU patients received the medical treatments they would have chosen for themselves if they had been well enough to make their own decisions. 

Most people admitted to the ICU are unable to speak for themselves, so a loved one is appointed as a representative to make decisions on their behalf. This is a critical role, and a role that many are unprepared for. 

The Guide to Enacting is for people who have a family member or close friend in the ICU. It will be particularly helpful if you are the representative for this person. 

The Guide to Enacting will help you learn how to represent and advocate for your loved one if you are asked to make decisions on their behalf. 

Key Learning Outcomes Include:

  • Learn how to manage visiting a critically ill family member or friend in the ICU.
  • Identify actionable items you can do to help with the care of your family member. 
  • Learn ways to take good care of yourself while supporting your loved one in the ICU. 
  • Gain a better understanding of the ICU environment and the types of treatment decisions made in the ICU. 
  • Access tools to participate in decision-making on behalf of your family member with their wishes and goals in mind. 
  • Create a Dear ICU Team letter that communicates your loved one’s wishes and goals with the ICU team.

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Your Guide to Enacting Plan

At the end of this Guide, you will be able to download your Dear ICU Team Letter, which will help you and/or the representative engage with the ICU Team to make decisions on behalf of your critically ill loved one. 

You can download and print your Dear ICU Team Letter, and share it with the ICU medical team.

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