It’s time to end traumatic decision-making experiences for families of patients.

Our Guide will help families and patients make treatment decisions that align with the patient’s values. 

Prevent Conflict

The midst of a health crisis is the last time you want to deal with disagreement.

Reduce Burden

Make decisions in advance so your family doesn't have to.

Get Better Care

Get better care from your doctors who can treat you based on your values and preferences.

Have your say

Make sure your voice is heard even when you are unable to speak for yourself.

Guide to Exploring your values and treatment preferences

Our Guide will walk you through a process called Advance Serious Illness Planning. Planning ahead for illness, injury and incapacitation is the best way to get the best care, and give your loved ones the best possible experience in a difficult time. 




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Planner Testimonials

"As someone who has lived with chronic illness my entire life, my health has always been a source of concern and worry. The advance serious illness plan, and the Plan Well site has been incredible for me. I have always wanted to prepare myself for whatever might happen, to have control, and to free my family of having to make these choices for me. I have been in that position and you never know if you are making the right decision on behalf of someone else. Now, my family never has to worry that they made a wrong choice for me, because I made those choices myself."
Christie Grifin
"I became aware of the Plan Well program in the 16. April edition of the Kingston Whig Standard. As an 89 year old, I realized that this could be a good way to update my current Advance Care document. So I decided to enrol in the program and see. When I started off, I found the information helpful and easy to understand, and the instructions clear and also easy to understand. The explanatory videos were also clear and helpful. This drove me through the complete process, and now I have an Advance Serious Illness Plan which can easily be modified when necessary. It can also readily be shared with my family, my representative, doctors, and friends. Thanks for providing this important service."
Fred Siemonsen

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Provide direction, prevent division.

Don’t leave your loved ones with the burden of making decisions for you without your input.