Guide to Enhancing: For the Love of Future Self

The key to living longer, enjoying a higher quality of life, a good end of life, and positive legacy!

How prepared are you for your future as an older person?

Yes, this isn’t something that many of us spend a lot of time thinking about, despite knowing that we should. Although 97% of people feel that it is important to think about themselves as an older person, less than 25% of people regularly spend time thinking about what it would be like for them as an older person. What our research shows is that the more likely you are to think and plan ahead for a better future on a regular basis, the more likely you will have a better aging experience. Take time today to engage in the Guide to Enhancing –  your future self will thank you!

This is where planning meets prevention

How well you plan for aging has a direct result on your future aging experience. Now is the time to fall in love with your future self and start proactively changing your habits to improve the likelihood of healthy and vibrant years ahead. 

When companioning his parents and in-laws through their aging experience, some of whom experienced frailty and dementia, Dr. Daren Heyland asked himself “How can my journey be different?” These reflections inspired the creation of the Guide to Enhancing, which is a proactive life management platform which touches on all the facets of health, wellness, planning and preparation to improve your physical and mental well-being. 

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein 

The Guide to Enhancing is rooted in behaviour change theory and includes more than 20+ evidence-based behavior change interventions. We meet you where you are at today, whether you have recently started taking steps to improve yourself or whether you are lacking in the motivation to take that first important step. The platform includes collaborative tools and education to empower you to make changes today to have a better aging experience in the future. 

The Guide to Enhancing starts with some exercises to fall in love with your future self, so that you are motivated to make time today for a better tomorrow. Then, we walk you through a more complete diagnostic questionnaire (this is the longer version of the ‘How well will you age?’ quiz) and generate what is called the Preparedness for the Future Report. This report identifies what you’re already doing well, where you could use a little improvement, and also where you can use a lot of improvement. Using the learnings from this report, you can set your priorities and receive custom content based on the topics that are most interesting and relevant to you.  

Here’s just a sampling of what’s included in the Guide to Enhancing platform:

  • Learning modules, videos and resources for 30+ life topics to increase life satisfaction, longevity and aging preparedness (ex: healthy eating, sleep, positive mind set)
  • Strategies to give your mind a “reboot” of how to approach change and goal setting in a sustainable manner
  • Approaches to uncover your deepest sources of motivation
  • Education, tools and resources to enhance your behaviour change process
  • Charts to track your improvement over time
  • Reminders to keep you motivated and on track to reach your goals


          Start today for $14.99  per month. 

Created by top-ranked research scientist and physician, Dr. Daren Heyland, the Guide to Enhancing’s approach to changing behavior is grounded in scientifically-validated theory and empirical evidence and loaded with 20+ evidence-based practices to change behavior.

This is not just about eating well and exercise (although those are important!). Get strategies for sleeping better, meditating, connecting socially, legal and financial planning, and more.

By engaging with the platform regularly, you can expect to enjoy better health and well-being, live longer, experience a higher quality death, and leave a great legacy behind.

Why should I proactively plan for aging?

The benefits of proactive planning include:

  • Improved measures of health and psychological well-being
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased mental and physical health
  • Greater personal growth
  • Enhanced purpose in life
  • Greater satisfaction with life

In contrast, lack of planning leads to stressful crisis management and is usually associated with limited options and negative health and psychological outcomes.

What our Planners are saying:

“The (Guide to Enhancing’s) Preparedness for the Future Program has been really beneficial to me given my particular life circumstances. Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic and dealing with an illness in the family, I needed something to help me find greater health and wellness…I am now a ‘non-smoker’, trying to eat healthier, and enjoying the benefits of regular exercise. I am grateful to the (Guide to Enhancing) program for giving me the insights and motivation to make my health and wellness a priority!”

“I am the kind of person that likes to learn everything about health and wellness. But it can be really overwhelming because you find nutrition information over here, financial planning information over there, health planning somewhere else, and so on. It is very helpful to have all this scientific information in one place!”