The Essential Guide for End of Life Care

Thinking about our eventual deaths is not something many of us are comfortable doing. We live in a death-denying culture that has made death-avoidance the cultural norm. It is our goal to change that by offering education, tools and support so that people are better-supported at the end of their life and so that their families are better-prepared.

The Guide to Ensuring is applicable to all those with a terminal illness or who are proactively planning ahead for the end of their life. 

This Guide walks you through preparations as you approach the end of your life to ensure that you have a quality finish. In this Guide, you will complete modules that will coach you to reflect on your hopes and fears around dying, consider what legacies you will gift your loved ones and your community, and make preparations to make both your dying experience and after death care more reflective of your wishes. 

In this Guide you will:

  • Be coached to create an open and aware end-of-life journey.
  • Identify and establish your support system and be empowered to communicate your wishes to them to ensure that you receive help that is appropriate and aligned with your values and preferences. 
  • Gain an understanding of the changes that you and your family can expect at the end of life and learn how to prepare and plan for it. 
  • Establish your location and comfort preferences for the end-of-life. 
  • Explore opportunities to create legacies that leave lasting memories and continue bonds.
  • Learn about the importance of pre-planning for after death arrangements. 
  • Understand grief to foster a healthy grieving process for you and your loved ones.
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Your Guide to Ensuring Plan

At the end of the Guide, you will have prepared a Dear Support Team letter for your loved ones that will ensure you and your loved ones are better prepared for your death.