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People are looking for easier access to and greater value when it comes to planning for incapacity or death. By partnering with Plan Well Guide, you will be able to offer your clients a more holistic planning experience, without adding any overtime.

Adding Value to your Practice

We believe that planning ahead is essential for maximizing the options and minimizing the problems associated with aging and serious illness. There are three essential pillars to a person’s advance serious illness planning: legal, financial and medical. We like to conceptualize this planning as a three-legged stool. Without all three legs, the planning collapses.

We want to partner with finance professionals to help people get the most out of their planning. Without adequate health, financial planning so that you have resources in the future doesn’t make sense. And if you don’t have your health when you are older, you will want to have more resources saved up to help manage your medical and personal care needs. These are just a couple of examples of the natural relationship between financial planning and health/medical planning. 

In a business-to-business relationship, we are committed to working with finance professionals that maximizes the utility of both the financial planning and the health/medical planning to the benefit of the client.

In a business-to-business relationship, we are committed to working with finance professionals that maximizes the utility of both the financial planning and the health/medical planning to the benefit of the client.

Partnering with Plan Well helps you:

Strengthen your relationship with your clients across their lifetime

Health, aging, illness and death are all meaningful talking points with clients. Plan Well Guides start wherever the person is at in their life journey and encourages them in their efforts to achieve greater health and wellness as they age, supports them through serious illness, helps them end well, and ensures they leave a positive legacy behind. As a provider of Plan Well Guides, you will provide key resources to your clients and have meaningful, holistic planning conversations with them across their lifetime, all of which will strengthen your relationship with them.

Provide a greater service to your clients

Our innovative approaches to planning for future incapacity are transforming the traditional approach to Will and Estate planning and Advance Care Planning. You will be providing ‘first-in- class’ and ‘best-in-class’, evidence-based tools that will help people think and plan ahead for future serious illness and death. Your clients (and their families) will thank you for these valuable services.

Prevent capital flight when a primary client dies

All the Guides on Plan Well Guide are intrafamilial and intergenerational. They support meaningful conversations about the future with spouses, partners, and the next generation. By using Plan Well Guides with your clients, you will have greater opportunity to deepen the connection with your client and their family over the lifetime of your client. This will enable you to maintain your professional relationship with the client’s family over time and beyond the death of the original client.

How to offer Plan Well

Another key feature of Plan Well Guide’s Guide to Entrusting is coaching the client on how to set up their Power of Attorney for property or finances in a way that minimizes abuse or misuse of their funds. You are working hard to help the client to build up resources for their future. When people are alive but incapacitated, particularly when they are elderly, there is a lot of misuse or abuse of these resources that occurs that has the potential to not only waste money but to break up families. You can help your client prevent these problems by providing them with the Guide to Entrusting that coaches the client on how to more effectively brief their lawyer when preparing their legal documents to hopefully prevent these kind of problems.

In addition, Plan Well Guide offers discounted rates to your clients to access our premium services through our coupon code program. 

Quite likely you won’t bring up advance serious illness planning on your first intake meeting with a new client. There will be other higher priority conversations. The best place to add Plan Well Guides is in the context of helping your clients be ready when serious illness strikes. At some point in your ongoing interactions with your client, you normally would say something about Will and Estate Planning, insurance products and possibly contingency funds. This is the time to bring up the importance of planning for future incapacity and the need to determine their authentic values and informed preferences for medical treatments and personal care if they are alive and yet unable to respond themselves. You can encourage or even facilitate them meeting with their family and properly equipping the named representative to understand their values and preferences so your client is more likely to get the care that is right for them with the least stress on the family.

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