Getting help with planning

Do you need help with understanding the information on this website, decision-making or making your plan? The resources below can help assist you with serious illness decision-making.


An end-of-life doula is someone who supports a person faced with an illness or terminal diagnosis. The end-of-life doula can educate, advocate for, and empower clients by starting the conversation about death and embracing the dying process early. By aligning the client needs with their expectations and wishes, the end-of-life doula can significantly improve the quality and dignity of the end-of-life journey.

The end-of-life doula’s work includes:

  • Initiating pre-planning conversations,
  • Helping to identify and capture priorities and wishes,
  • Providing information about available resources,
  • Assisting with creating and documenting end-of-life wishes such as Advance Care Plans,
  • Sharing referrals and therapy awareness through our networked community.

All members of the End-of-Life Doula Association of Canada have received training in advanced care planning and are able to assist you in making your plan.

For more information on end-of-life doulas or if you require assistance in completing your plan please contact: or follow the link

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