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Our guides have everything you need to plan for serious illness or injury, all in one place.



The Guide to Exploring is an introduction to Advance Serious Illness Planning and is applicable to all adults. 

In this Guide, you will:
At the end of this Guide, you will be able to download your Dear Doctor Letter, which can be shared with your doctor as well as your loved ones.


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The Guide to Equipping deals with the personal care aspect of Advance Serious Illness and is applicable to any adult. 

In this Guide, you will:
At the end of this guide, you will be able to download your Dear Representative Letter and your Province-specific legal document appointing your representative(s).


$99 $74.25 plus tax

The Guide to Entrusting address topics around Power of Attorney for Finances and is applicable for all adults. 

In this Guide, you will:
At the end you will be able to download your Dear Lawyer Letter, which you can take to your lawyer* when you get your Power of Attorney document prepared.

For the Best Value, Purchase the ASIP Guides as a Bundle and Save!

$199 $149 plus tax for all three!

*If you need a lawyer to help finalize, please email and we can connect you to a
Plan Well Guide Certified Lawyer.

“Last summer, we talked with Plan Well Guide’s creator, Dr. Daren Heyland, about why he developed the guide. He’s a critical-care doctor at Kingston General Hospital and a professor of medicine and epidemiology at Queen’s University. Dr. Heyland explains how Plan Well can help you and your family during times of serious illness, which may be top of mind of some people right now.”

~ Paul Russell at Lumino Health

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When the doctor’s approached me to make decisions on Gary’s behalf, I didn’t want the stress of taking that responsibility all by myself and was so grateful that I heard Gary’s voice and was able to communicate his wishes to the doctors. The planning helped me understand what he would have wanted. And because he had already discussed those wishes with our children, they also understood what was best to do. It was so helpful to have the family ‘all on the same page.’
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Working directly with seniors and caregivers in support services, I see the value in what the Plan Well Guide offers families. We never know when a serious illness, accident or medical diagnosis may strike that requires important decision making. Planting the seed about having the tough discussion informs family members, friends and neighbours about taking control of their own values and wishes. It gives each of us a voice of how we want to be cared for if and when that time comes.
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My husband’s health was declining and we were uncertain how best to plan for the future. Our family doctor was not helpful but the home care nurse suggested we ask to get involved in the special clinic where your Plan Well materials were being presented. Initially, we found the experience very intimidating because we had no idea about the different types of medical care that we had to considered. But we found the materials very straightforward, very easy to understand, and very helpful.

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