Dr. Heyland spoke with journalist Emma Jones from the Postmedia network about the important role of caregivers and how Plan Well Guide can help to prepare people, especially those who may be in the caregiving role, to ensure they and their loved ones are prepared for serious illness. The collaboration between Dr. Heyland and various other researchers and organizations across Canada led to the recent formation of Caregivers4Change. The article highlights how COVID-19 has thrown many caregivers into uncertainty and how important it was for Caregivers4Change to create a Declaration of Family Caregiver Rights and Responsibilities. The Declaration is focused around influencing policy and practice which is critical, now more than ever before, that caregivers be a part of the solution to the LTC crisis and that they are never excluded from their essential role as part of the health care team. 

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To live well, age well, and die well, you need to Plan Well