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People are looking for easier access to and greater value when it comes to planning for incapacity or death. By partnering with Plan Well Guide, you will be able to offer your clients a more holistic planning experience, without exposing yourself to potential liability if your legal instructions turn out to be invalid or contribute to medical errors.

A Better Way of Planning

Our primary goal is to help patients get the medical and personal care that is right for them with the least stress on their representatives or conflict within the family. We believe part of the solution is to equip appointed decision makers with the values and preferences of the patient, so that they are guided by their loved ones instructions. This does not require any healthcare planning on your part, all you need to do is refer them to us and we’ll take care of the preparation and planning while you do the ‘lawyering.’

Partnering with Plan Well helps you:

Offer an Innovative Planning Approach

Stand out from the competition by offering medical planning as a complement to traditional wills and estate plans. This holistic approach will engage your clients in the planning process in a deeper, more meaningful way, which will enhance your client relationship.

Better Prepare Your Clients

Take your legal planning to the next level by giving your clients a platform to educate them on the basics of incapacity planning, capture their healthcare and personal care values and preferences, and equip their representatives to make fully-informed decisions.

Retain Clients Longer

The Plan Well Guide planning process stimulates deep thinking and reflection from your clients, engaging them on a deeper level, which leads to enhanced satisfaction with their planning experience. Our system is designed to interact regularly with its users to remind them to update their legal and planning documents over time, leading to increased client retention.

How It Works

We are proposing a new client-education tool that prepares your clients for incapacity planning. Our doctor-made, engaging online learning platform has been optimized for client retention, engagement and completion. It is an intake process that:

How to offer Plan Well Guides

It’s a natural conversation to invite your client to review Plan Well Guides in the context of Will and Estate planning, particularly when you talk to them about incapacity planning. But let us do the work of educating and extracting key information that will make your job easier.

Stop doing Healthcare Planning

We understand other legal duties take precedent over helping your clients with their personal directives or powers of attorney documents. This is why we encourage you to stop doing healthcare planning in the context of your wills and estate planning discussions with your clients and simply refer them to Plan Well Guide to plan for their future medical and personal care.

Plan For Future Shared Decision-Making

Stop making instructional directives in your legal planning documents; rather, have the document direct the named Representative to make their decisions based on the ‘values, wishes or preferences, and beliefs’ of the individual they are representing. These values and preferences are codified in the most scientifically rigorous way in the “Dear Doctor” and “Dear Representative” letters (the outputs of the Plan Well Guide planning process).

“The most important thing I learned from this session with Dr. Heyland was that the focus should be on the values of the client, not on their wishes for certain medical procedures. Removing all that language around medical procedures makes PD’s more efficient and is supported by well-grounded research. Partnering with Plan Well Guide really supports client/lawyer relationships.”

~ Lethbridge Lawyer

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