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Health, aging, serious illness and death are likely some of the reasons that your clients have connected with you in the first place. Plan Well Guide starts wherever the person is at in their life journey and encourages them in their efforts to achieve greater health and wellness as they age, supports them through serious illness, helps them end well, and ensures they leave a positive legacy behind.

Adding Value to Your Practice

The Plan Well Guide is an invaluable tool to add to your practice, offering thoughtfully prepared planning processes and resources to equip your clients with the medical/personal care, legal and financial preparations needed to support them in life, through to the end of their life journey.

Partnering with Plan Well helps you:

Offer Turn-Key Planning Processes and Resources

The Plan Well Guide suite of guides have been created by critical care physician Dr. Daren Heyland alongside a team of end of life doulas who are leaders in end of life care in Canada. They have compiled their deep knowledge and experience into preparing these guides, allowing you to walk your clients through the planning process and connect them with essential resources.

Revolutionize Your Advance Care Planning Services

Our innovative, evidence based approaches to planning for future incapacity are transforming the traditional approach to Advance Care Planning. Many doulas and health care advocates who offer Advance Care Planning services to their clients are frustrated with the basic Advance Care Planning tools offered by local health ministries. Our Guides allow you to educate and expand your client’s knowledge of incapacity planning so they can feel confident in knowing they are well prepared for future serious illness and death. Your clients (and their families) will thank you for these valuable services.

Ensure a Quality Finish

Planning well for end of life includes preparations for a good death, or a ‘quality finish’ as we like to call it. Our Guide to Ensuring facilitates deep conversations with your clients on planning for their death, from the final stage of life through to the legacy they leave behind. All facets of dying, death and legacy are explored and your client’s wishes are captured in a Dear Support Team Letter, that will empower your clients to share their wishes with their loved ones to ensure the best end of life experience possible.

How to offer Plan Well

Plan Well Guide can be offered to your clients in lieu of traditional Advance Care Planning services. The guides to Exploring, Equipping and Entrusting all focus on Advance Serious Illness Planning (ACP), which guide your clients to reflect on their values and informed treatment preferences in the event they are in need of medical and personal care as a result of serious illness.

They also provide the province-specific legal paperwork to name a medical and personal care representative (e.g.: a representation agreement in B.C., Personal Directive in Alberta, Power of Attorney for Personal Care in Ontario) to make decisions on their behalf if they are incapacitated. Lastly, they provide the language and instructions to aid in briefing their lawyer to prepare Power of Attorney for property or finances document, with specific language to protect against abuse or misuse of their funds.

When working with clients at the end of their life, the Guide to Ensuring offers a turn-key approach to planning for the days and weeks approaching the end of their life, educates them on the options to care for their body and celebrate their life after their death, and offers options to reflect upon the legacy they leave their loved ones and their community.

This is a helpful tool to supplement your existing planning process, or to offer a turn-key approach to the planning side of end of life doula services and support.

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