To live well, age well and die well, you need to Plan Well


Uncover the Ultimate Strategy to unleashing your motivation and creating lasting change in your life

Participate in our research trial and experience our new program for better living - 100% free.

Our new Preparedness for the Future Program™ is designed to help people become better prepared for their future in all dimensions of life. It is 100% backed by the latest scientific research in behaviour change.

We invite you to take part in the program (valued at over $500!) for free – no credit card required.

What you get

Trial participants will get early access to a brand new online program, designed to: 

  • maximize life satisfaction
  • increase longevity
  • increase quality of life in multiple dimensions (physical, social, mental, etc.)
  • ensure your aging experience is positive and optimistic
  • increase preparedness for the future in finances, legal planning, family relations, and more


Not only does the program help you learn about how to achieve your best life, but it also motivates you to make permanent impactful changes (unlike other health programs).

An opportunity to improve your future wellness

Over 30 courses to improve different lifestyle behaviours

Free access to a
program before it hits the market

All of our courses
are available online,

Why us?

Our program is NOT just another “I did it so you can too” wellness program.

  • One person’s anecdotal evidence just doesn’t cut it these days. Instead, our program is built upon the last 30 years of scientific research and proven methods of lasting behaviour change.


Unlike New Year’s Resolutions, this is something you’ll follow through on.

  • Anybody can start a health and wellness education program. Information is not hard to find. But we all know that information alone is not enough to make lasting change. That’s why our program was carefully crafted to help you find your true source of motivation so you can stick to it to the end. 


Save effort and time so you can focus on the things that truly matter.

  • Gone are the days of having a diet plan here, a financial plan there, a fitness regimen somewhere else and a chaotic pile of to-do lists a mile high. Now, you can find everything you need for a successful life all in one place.




Activites that impact mortality
Healthy weight ◆ Exercise ◆ Alcohol Consumption ◆ Healthy Eating ◆ Smoking ◆ Social Networks ◆ Sleep ◆ Volunteering ◆ Spirituality ◆ Positive View of Aging ◆ Life Purpose ◆ Positive Mindset ◆ Social Supports ◆ Social Activities ◆ Active Living
Activities that impact Quality of Life
Meditation ◆ Lifelong Learning ◆ Designating a Substitute Decision Maker ◆ Advance Serious Illness Planning ◆ Leisure
Practical Suggestions for a Prepared State of Living
Personal Planning ◆ Small Business Succession Planning ◆ Insurance ◆ Tax Planning ◆ Financial Planning ◆ Will and Estate Planning ◆ Power of Attorney ◆ Just-in-Case File ◆ Legacy Planning ◆ Caregiving Supports ◆ Final Resting Place ◆ Funeral Planning ◆ Independent Living

Click through the slides to see the 30+ topics

About the program

After years of thorough scientific research and review, we have identified over 30 of the most important topics that are essential for living and aging well including:

  • key life-style behaviours (e.g. healthy eating, regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, etc.)
  • psychological attributes (e.g. maintaining positive mind set, a positive view of self-aging, living a purposeful life, etc.)
  • and practical things (e.g. having an up-to-date will and power of attorney)


For each of these topics, we have created interactive learning modules designed to help you change your behaviour and help you make healthy lifestyle choices.

Our modules also include several activities that will help you identify and change underlying attitudes and beliefs that may be getting in your way of reaching your goals.

How it works

We are testing the impact of a new online tool that helps people think and plan ahead for their future life as an older person. The goal of this study is to help people take control of their future, improve their health and well-being.

The study lasts 12 months. Participants will use a new online program and answer a series of questionnaires (once at the beginning, then at 6 months, and again at 12 months) to measure the effectiveness of the program. 

Participants in the trial will be randomly assigned to one of 2 groups: the early intervention group (receives access to the program from day 1), and the later intervention group (receives access after 12 months). 

The program gives participants access to over 30 courses to engage with, learn from, and be empowered to change.

If you are interested in participating, get more information and apply by clicking below:

Eligibility requirements

  • 25-70 years of age
  • Consistent access to the internet
  • Fluent in English
  • Successful Screening Application 
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The Preparedness for the Future Program has been really beneficial to me given my particular life circumstances. Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic and dealing with an illness in the family, I needed something to help me find greater health and wellness. As suggested by the Behavior Change Guide, as I went through the Program, I started a journal and kept track of valuable pieces of information, key questions and answers, and important insights about my life and what needed to change. As I was initially working my way through the “Healthy Eating” module, and was considering all the health benefits of healthy eating- I realized that I needed to quit smoking. I know there was a module on ‘Quitting Smoking’ but I didn’t do that module, I just realized I needed to take control over my health and I quit while I was developing my plan to eat healthier! I also gathered a lot of valuable information from the Health Eating module and particularly liked how you boiled healthy eating down to 13 key principles and practices. I am now a ‘non-smoker’, trying to eat healthier, and enjoying the benefits of regular exercise. I am grateful to ‘the Program’ for giving me the insights and motivation to make my health and wellness a priority!
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I am the kind of person that likes to learn everything about health and wellness. But it can be really overwhelming because you find nutrition information over here, financial planning information over there, health planning somewhere else, and so on. It is very helpful to have all this scientific information in one place!

Our goal is to help everyone plan well to live well

Help us test our new planning program

For more detailed information and to apply to the program, click below:

Dr. Daren Heyland

The principle investigator and funder for this trial is Dr. Daren Heyland, clinical care doctor and researcher at Queens University. 

He currently serves as the Director of the Clinical Evaluation Research Unit at Kingston Health Sciences Centre (Kingston General Hospital site) which functions as a methods center for multicenter clinical research.