FREE Advance Serious Illness Planning Resources

The additional resources listed below can help you think more about your values and preferences and provide you with more information about medical treatments and medical decision-making.

Advance Serious Illness Planning on Paper

If you prefer paper over digital, we’ve got you covered! Download the free ASIP Pamphlet which is an abbreviated version of the website. The last 4 pages of the pamphlet function as the “Dear Doctor” Letter.

*For professional use, we’ve provided a file that you can send to a professional printing service to print pamphlets in large quantities.

Value Clarification Tools

This tool helps you explain your values and what’s important to you when you consider your wishes for future medical treatments. The tool presents various health conditions so you can compare and rate them. This can be very helpful for patients at risk of strokes, developing dementia and other disabling neurological disorders. Keep these tools with your “Dear Doctor” Letter and your other important documents.

Explainer Videos

Advance Care Planning (ACP) Conversations

This Plan Well Guide video features families, doctors, and researchers highlighting the importance of having these discussions before they’re required to help ease the stress or anxiety often associated with these types of conversations. Watch together with your family and substitute decision-maker. It will help motivate and stimulate the needed planning conversations.

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

This video explains what exactly CPR is and when it’s used in the context of serious illness. It highlights how it is important to make a decision around whether or not CPR is something you or your loved one would want in specific situations. Anybody considering wantint CPR or not sure what to decide should watch this educational video first.

Substitute Decision-Maker (SDM) Part I

Determining and educating your SDM is a vital part of advance serious illness planning. This video quickly breaks down what exactly an SDM is, and what all you need to know when it comes to how best to select an SDM.

Substitute Decision-Maker (SDM) Part II

This second video is focused more around when you have been selected as a SDM, explaining what all you should be aware of, if you are made a SDM.

Additional Resources for Professional Partners

To access our free resources for professionals, please see the applicable professionals page: