Honouring ICU Professionals

October 23-29 is Canadian Intensive Care Week. It’s a time to profoundly reflect on the tremendous service our colleagues working in intensive care have rendered to society during the past years of the pandemic and continue to do so under such adverse circumstances. I spent more than 20 years working in the ICU in Kingston […]

Must-know Statistics about ICU Care

Patient in ICU care

What is ICU Care? When patients need intensive care for serious illness or organ failure, they may be cared for in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Patients may be in the ICU because of:  severe infection or bleeding breathing problems a bad accident major surgery Along with strong medicines, there are several machines used in […]

Is ICU right for you?

The Impact of ICU on people over 80

In June, I spoke with the  wife of an older man who has been suffering from COVID-19 infection about his wishes, to get a better idea of whether ongoing, prolonged Intensive Care Unit (ICU) treatment may be right for him. He had been admitted to the ICU back in May and remained on mechanical ventilation. Based […]