The Kingston Whig Standard

April 21, 2020

By Alan Hale

Health Reporter, The Kingston Whig Standard *

Earlier in April, Daren Heyland, Critical Care Physician and Creator of Plan Well Guide was interviewed by Alan Hale from the Kingston Whig Standard to discuss the ways people can start to plan for and prepare for serious illness during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Heyland highlights how planning for serious illness is different than planning for terminal or end-of-life care, where people may give instructions for when they are dying. With COVID pneumonia, there is a possibility of survival – which is why it’s critical to plan for situations where there is that uncertainty. Dr. Heyland further explained how to use Plan Well Guide to prepare to meet doctors and make decisions when seriously ill to be sure you get the medical care that is right for you.

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* The following article also appeared in, The Belleville Intelligencer, The Sarnia Observer and Queen’s Gazette.

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To live well, age well, and die well, you need to Plan Well