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Doctor Daren Heyland was recently featured in the Kingston Whig Standard. His article can be seen online here: http://eedition.thewhig.com/epaper/viewer.aspx

See also an excerpt below:

Doctor urges patients to plan for critical care

Each year on April 16, community organizations across Canada gather to help individuals prepare a plan for advanced care.

As Advanced Care Planning Day was approaching this year, Queen’s University professor of medicine Dr. Darren Heyland was encouraging patients to plan not only for end of life, but also for critical illness, with his Plan Well Guide.

As a critical care physician, Heyland has seen many patients and their family members grapple with life or death decisions surrounding care with little advanced notice or planning.

“Often, people arrive at the stage where they are critical ill-prepared for the decision-making that has to occur. These are life and death decisions, and most commonly the patient is too sick to participate in the decision-making, so we’re leaning to a family member. Just put yourself in that position of making life and death decisions for someone when you’ve never talked about it, when you don’t know, you know, what they would have wanted,” Heyland explained in an interview with the Whig.

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To live well, age well, and die well, you need to Plan Well